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Get the knowledge, motivation, and fair Adult ADHD help you need—a welcoming sense of inclusion, encouragement and validation.

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Be organised, start and complete tasks, strengthen working memory and focus, improve time management, and manage behavioural challenges.

Get to know a small group of other ADHD adults. Set goals and maintain positive change with the support of accountability partners.

I want to say thank you for all your support and for building this group that helped me to become enough confident to talk about this topic in my community. I am so happy. As I told about this support group to the audience, they are all looking for building such a group in our community. I truly appreciate all your help and support through these weeks. Still, I can't believe that I am putting steps forward to make my long-term goal happen. 🙂
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The Compassion Course

The Compassion Course is where you become your own loving parent, focus on yourself and find your true identity.


WRAP workshop participants will learn how to develop a personalised system to achieve wellness goals.

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Adult ADHD support and special presentations. 

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ADHD Toronto is proud sponsor of the interactive and engaging Expert Speaker Series for Adults with ADHD.

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Join thousands of other global ADHD adults in the largest ADHD support group on the Meetup platform. ​

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About Harris Rosen

Harris Rosen is the Co-founder of ADHD Toronto, Canada’s Adult ADHD community. Weary from suffering the adverse effects of ADHD, his reality transformed, replacing harmful negative traits by learning and advancing simple, healthy habits. He studied and practised MCBT, Wellness Recovery, Peer Support, Modern Stoicism and Resilience, Mental Health First-Aid, and Suicide Prevention and Postvention practices. Harris volunteered and guided several groups for the Seeds of Hope Foundation on the distinction between childhood traits and character deficits that develop later in life. A measure of neuroplasticity, he formed a distinctive, new philosophy and skills, lost 70 lbs, meditated twice daily, and completed world-class university courses. Recognising the need for affordable Adult ADHD support, he is committed to helping other ADHD adults know and initiate effective, uncomplicated strategies without paying thousands of dollars.


About Lauren Parkes
Facilitator & ADHD Life Skills Coach

Lauren Parkes (she/her) BHSc, is an ADHD Certified Life Skills Coach and Course Facilitator. She helps ADHD adults learn how to cope with the challenges of ADHD, set attention, find self-compassion, and feel more at ease. Download her free guide to see if ADHD coaching is right for you.

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