ADD Stole My Car Keys: The surprising ways Adult Attention Deficit Disorder affects your life... and strategies for creating a life you love.



Location: ZOOM

Duration: 12 weeks x 2 hours and 15 minutes

Cost: $60.00

Book: 21% participant discount at  

Admission Details: This course is limited to 20 nice Adult ADHD individuals. New participants will not be admitted after the WEEK 2 meeting. 

Pathways: ADHD Toronto offer additional evidence-based courses that will help you to clarify lifelong feelings and develop a personalised self-care plan that fits your lifestyle.

The Top 8 Reasons to Participate in this Course

  1. Learn more about ADHD than 99% of the rest of the Adult ADHD population (of which most don’t even know they have it).
  2. To go through the book in a structured empowering and effective manner. It is simple to read through, though it is easily ten times more powerful to do it in a peer-led, small group setting.
  3. Meet other supportive and committed Adult ADHD individuals who only want to enrich their lives further.
  4. Have FUN and grow big time.
  5. Become accountable to a group of your peers for accomplishing mini-achievements throughout the twelve-week course – as well as an option for free follow up Alumnae meetings.
  6. Learn about accessible ‘free’ and affordable resources.
  7. The cost is less than $2.25 per hour. We will never trap or scare you into spending thousands of dollars on a program to live better with Adult ADHD. 
  8. Learn many tips that allow you to empower yourself and activate real positive changes in your life.

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