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Fall 2021 Cohort Starts Soon

Get the knowledge, resources, support, tools, and ADHD accountability buddy you need to achieve and maintain positive change.

Get Adult ADHD Help Now!

Monday 6:45 - 9:00 p.m.
October 18 - December 6, 2021

I like everyone gets a chance to share their experiences and stories. It helps to figure out I am not alone and that
we all have our quirks.​

Normalizing, sense of community and belonging. Learning from peers, practical approach, and accountability buddies. Learning tips and tricks from other people. Hearing other people’s experience with ADHD and goal setting.​

I like that I can be around like-minded people and learn from others.​

I like breaking up into small groups so that we can discuss our goals. I learn from other group members as well as facilitators. Knowing I am not alone with my behaviours and experiences.​

Get Adult ADHD Help. Share challenges and discuss workable solutions. Get an ADHD accountability buddy and activate genuine, effective change in your life.

ADHD accountability buddy

Honestly, the course is good. There are times when it’s a lot to process. I see it through my lens. When I hear other people share how they relate to the reading, I realise the insights into my behaviour that I would not have seen for myself.​

Harris and Lauren do a good job chairing the conversations. The cohort is very open and welcoming.​

Speaking to and hearing from others with the same issues is very validating.

Get Adult ADHD help—save time and money and have fun.

Partnered Accountability Resources and Tools is where you start to say goodbye to frustration and suffering. Collaborate with other ADHD adults seeking the same. Work with an ADHD accountability buddy in a truly mutually beneficial relationship

There is nothing comparable to developing self-awareness with other ADHD adults who equally share circumstances. When we are together with like-minded people who understand our gifts and challenges, we aspire for a more productive life.

Know the reasons for the actions and reactions of your ADHD brain—additionaly secure, validated resources and tools to overcome challenges and achieve good results. Ultimately, be accepted for yourself wholly and make new friends.

Identify the Problem

Knowledge + Action = Power & Results

Knowledge – Action = Confusion & Frustration

6 Reasons to Participate

  • Community & Connection

    Meet supportive and committed ADHD adults who also want to enrich their lives further. Make new friends.

  • Strategies & Solutions

    Find out the source of your behaviour. Discuss solutions and identify many strategies to empower yourself.

  • Accountability

    Work with an ADHD accountability buddy. Activate genuine practical changes in your life.

  • Fun

    Have FUN within a stress-free environment. Grow in a big way. Share mini-accomplishments with family and friends.

  • Resources

    Get a weekly resources PDF. Members of our winter 2021 group received over 160 easy, accessible and affordable resources.

  • Save

    An efficient solution proved to work. We will never shame you into spending thousands of dollars to know and create simple solutions.



Location: ZOOM

Duration: 8 weeks x 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Cost: $149.00

Instructors: Harris Rosen and Lauren Parkes

Custom Optimisation: $30.00 for 30-minute coaching session with co-facilitator Lauren Parkes to optimise and fast-track your experience.

Included: Weekly in-session handouts. Dynamic weekly resources PDF. ADHD accountability buddy. 

Outlook: Assume a higher level of self-awareness, increased motivation, and acceptance of ADHD.

Why choose us? We have a fantastic global community with thousands of Adult ADHD people who have benefitted from meetings and courses. The opportunity to advance with other ADHD adults in a mutually beneficial environment of compassion and acceptance. Further, the cost of this 8-week program is less than one hour with a medical professional.

Possible Pathways: ADHD Toronto offer additional evidence-based courses that will help you to clarify lifelong feelings and develop a personalised wellness recovery action plan.

Admission Details: This program is limited to 15 nice adult ADHD individuals. Moreover, new participants will not be admitted after the third week. 

Fall 2021

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