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Online Education

  • Smiling Mind – Free Mindfulness Cognitive-Behaviour curriculum.
  • University of Wisconsin Center for Healthy Minds Scientific research on healthy qualities of mind; kindness, compassion, altruism, forgiveness, psychologists and artists, presentation of art, poetry and articles.
  • Mindfulness Everyday– Resources and links.
  • Ligmincha LearningMeditation instruction drawn from the wisdom traditions of Tibet. Video, guided, readings, and journal writing activities with senior mentors and international classmates.  



Adult ADHD help

Toronto Adult ADHD Support Group is the largest ADHD group on the Meetup platform.

Organised by and for adults with ADD and ADHD, the group — now in its 26th year — meets to discuss the challenges and advantages associated with adult ADHD. 

  • Build self-esteem with the support and encouragement of peers.
  • Meet other adults with ADHD.
  • Discuss experiences, challenges, progress, solutions, goals, and resources with peers.
  • Figure out practical adult ADHD management methods.
  • Come up the path to know a more enjoyable life.

TAASG membership is free and open to the international adult ADHD community. The group meets on the ZOOM platform. Check the Events schedule for upcoming meetings and courses.