Expert Speaker Series for Adults with ADHD

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Exclusive Presentations

ADHD Toronto proudly sponsors the interactive and engaging Expert Speaker Series for Adults with ADHD. The initial series in the spring of 2020, a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A respected group of encouraging speakers to raise the consciousness and awareness of TAASG members. Guests were heartened by their story, valuable insights, and many helpful tips and simple methods to improve both short-term and long-term outcomes.

The series featured mindfulness instructor Judy Steed, Order of Canada recipient, TotallyADD Founder Rick Green, Peer and Trauma Support Systems Specialist Brad McKay,  Sr VP of ADHD Europe Marko Ferrek, Mental Fitness and Well-being Expert Betty Franklin, Author Ian W. Walker, Executive Coach Robert Pal,  Retired Psychiatrist Dr Adam Stein, Author and Food Addiction Expert Dr Vera Tarmin.

Its second series was by popular demand in the fall of 2020—the third series beginning in January 2021. Again, a fantastic group of experts consistently raised the bar weekly.

We welcome you to participate in our live, interactive, engaging speaker series for ADHD adults. Get the shared knowledge of leading ADHD experts for free.

Past Special Guests


December 14:  “Dr Jeff,” Jeffrey Levine, aka Dr. Get in Focus 

December 7:  Irina Voronin BHSc, MHI, Neurodivergent Skill Building Program (NDSB)

November 30:  Dr Esme Fuller-Thomson, PhD, M.S.W., Professor & Director, Institute for Life Course and Aging;
Ph.D., Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley

November 16:  Shawna Hughes, BSc., Registered Holistic Nutritionist specialising in ADHD

June 22:  Dr John Thornton, M.D. FRCPC Psychiatrist, Brain SPECT Scanning

June 15:  Steven Goldhar and Rachel Levy, LMHC

May 2:  Heidi Bernhardt, Founder of CADDAC

April 6:  Dan Duncan, ADHD InsideOut

March 23:  Adam Hart, Energy Expert, Coach, Author, Former Couch Potato


October 27:  Ryan Swain, UK Motivational Speaker, TV Presenter

September 28:  Steven Goldhar, Co-Creator of The Self Love Course: 7 Steps to Emotional Freedom 

September 21:  Alan Brown, ADHD Coach

June 30:  Dr. John Ratey, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

June 22:  Dr. Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA

June 15:  “Dr” Kevin Emery, Author, ADHD Expert for over 40 years, Poster Child

June 8:  Geoff Smith, DTM, Author, Master Communicator

May 18:  Wynford Dore, Founder Zing Performance

May 11:  Doug Snyder, ADHD Advocate

May 11:  Melissa Reskof, ADHD Advocate

May 4:  Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA, Senior Certified ADHD Coach

April 27:  Sari Solden, Author, Speaker, Therapist and Consultant

April 20: Dr. Vera Joffe,PhD, P.A.

March 30:  Duane Gordon, President of ADDA and his wife Linda Walker, Executive ADHD Coach

 March 23: Steven Goldhar, ADHD Coach

March 16:  Inger Shaye Colzie, ADHD Coach and Psychotherapist

March 9:  Dr. Charles Parker, ADHD Pioneer

February 2: Dr. Edward Hallowell, World ADHD Authority

January 19:  Dr. Doron Almagor, former Chair of CADDRA, Director of The Possibilities Clinic


December 7:  Dr. Tamara Rosier, President of ADHD Coaching International 

November 30:  Heidi Bernhardt, Founder of CADDAC 

November 23:  Kevin J. Roberts, Author, Coach, Consultant

November 16:  Andrea Bilbow OBE, Vice President, ADHD Europe

November 2:  Peter Shankman, #1 ADHD podcast Faster Than Normal

October 26:  Robert Tudisco, Disability Attorney, ADHD Motivational Speaker

October 19:  Duane Gordon, President of ADDA & Linda Walker, Adult ADHD Coach

October 12:  Dr. David Teplin, Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Association (Co-Chair), Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychologist

October 5:  Pat Hudak, President of CHADD

September 28:  Katrina Copple, NorCal MHA, WISE U

September 21:  Rick Green, CM OOnt, TotallyADD Founder

September 14:  Shoshana Helfenbaum, PhD(c), MSW

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