Toronto Wayne’s Keys to ADHD Study

Check-in, read and share challenges and tips with Toronto Wayne and a small online support group of ADHD adults.

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Summer 2021

Every Friday 7:00 – 9:15 p.m.  (EST) 

May 28 – August 13, 2021

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Location: ZOOM

Duration: 12 weeks x 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Cost: $99.00 

Included: A digital copy of ADD Stole My Car Keys: The Surprising Ways Attention Deficit Disorder Affects Your Life & Strategies for Creating A Life Your Love by Rick Green (Order of Canada) and Dr. Umesh Jain, M.D., PhD. $25.00 reward for participants who attend all the meetings upon completion of the course. 

Admission Details: This course is limited to 15 nice Adult ADHD individuals. New participants will not be admitted after the WEEK 2 meeting. 

Pathways: ADHD Toronto offer additional evidence-based courses that will help you to clarify lifelong feelings and develop a personalised self-care plan that fits your lifestyle.

Prepare to be Surprised


Week #1: Common Beliefs ADHD People Share

Week #2: Signs From Childhood

Week #3: Common Behaviours in ADDers

Week #4: Common Misbehaviours

Week #5: Signs of Inattention in Adults

Week #6: Signs of Hyperactivity and Impulsivity

Week #7: Disorders That Resemble or Combine With ADHD

Week #8: Familiar Frustrations of ADHD Adults

Week #9: Familiar Complaints of the ADDer’s Family

Week #10: Ways ADHD Impacts Work and Finances

Week #11: Ways of Unconscioulsy Coping

Week #12: Amazing, Unexpected, Sometimes Hidden, Often Underappreciated Strengths of ADHD Adults

The Top 10 Reasons to encourage you to be in this Study:

  1. Learn more about the ADHD than 99% of the Adult ADHD population (of which most don’t even know they have it).
  2. To go through a book (ADD Stole my Car Keys) in a structured empowering and effective manner.  The book is quite simple to read through, though is easily ten times more powerful to do it in a group setting.
  3. Meet 14 other supportive and committed folks who simply want to further enrich their lives.
  4. Have FUN ….and grow big time.
  5. Become accountable to the group for accomplishing mini achievements throughout the twelve week course – as well as option for free follow up Alumnae meetings.
  6. Learn about a few other ‘free’ resources that are available in our great city that are relevant and accessible to you.
  7. Get priority-status and skip the wait-list for the WRAP course.
  8. Make it possible for others to have the same powerful experience – and certainly not pay the thousands of dollars that many feel trapped into paying.
  9. Become part of a unique support group that will meet monthly to share challenges, goals and accomplishments.
  10. Learn a lot about tips that really allow you to be empowered to making real positive changes.

A group for 10 nice ADDers meeting for a 12 week course going through the book “ADD Stole my Car Keys.” I am not a big fan  of the title, though I ‘had’ related to ‘misplacing’ my car keys for hundreds of times in my life.  It is an easy read – though it’s a bonus to do it with a group (lots of accountability for positive change). I am a big fan of one of the co-authors Dr. Umesh Jain – one of the top world experts on Adult ADHD.  Dr. Jain is a Child Psychiatrist, who has an alphabet after his name – including a MEd, and a PhD (for a Doctoral Thesis on Adult ADHD). Dr. Jain   unfortunately has gone on to several others things … liking traveling across the world twice a month.

Toronto Wayne

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