1. Common Beliefs ADHD People Share
  2. Signs from Childhood
  3. Common Behaviours
  4. Common Misbehaviours
  5. Signs of Inattention in Adults
  6. Signs of Hyperactivity and Impulsivity
  7. Disorders That Resemble or Combine with ADHD
  8. Signs of Hyperactivity and Impulsivity
  9. Familiar Frustrations of ADHD Adults
  10. Familiar Complaints oif the ADHDer’s Family
  11. Ways ADHD Impacts Work and Finances
  12. Ways of Unconsciously Coping
  13. Ways ADHD Impacts Work and Finances
  14. Amazing, Unexpected Sometimes Hidden, Often Unappreciated Strengths of ADHD Adults

The book ADHD Stole my Car Keys is phenomenal – especially when used in a structured and facilitated group format. I have been very fortunate to know the authors, Dr. Umesh Jain and Rick Green, quite well over the past 15 years.

Dr. Jain is an internationally recognised scientist and teacher in the area of ADHD, impulsivity in children/adolescents and psychopharmacology. He has earned both a PhD in Adult ADHD and M.Ed – an academic pursuit that very few medical doctors ever do.  I have been to about one hundred of his ‘teachings’ on the topic of ADHD as well as personally met him over 50 times. Unfortunately, he has moved on to other ventures travelling across the big ocean twice a month. His absence is a void in the ‘simple’ treatment of ADHD.

Rick Green is the most authentic person that I have ever met. A  household name for his television productions in the 1980s, he is co-founder of comedy tripe The Frantics and co-creator of The Red Green Show.  His dedication to raising the international awareness and understanding of ADHD was rewarded by the Governor General of Canada who appointed him a member of the order of Canada in 2017.  Check out his site:HTTPS://TOTALLYADD.COM/

ADHD Toronto Co-founder, Wayne O’Brien

The Top 8 reasons to be in this Accountability Course:

  1. Learn more about the ADHD than 99% of the rest of the Adult ADHD population (of which most don’t even know they have it).
  2. To go through a book in a structured empowering and effective manner. The book is quite simple to read through, though it is easily ten times more powerful to do it in a group setting.
  3. Meet 12 other supportive and committed folks who only want to enrich their lives further.
  4. Have FUN ….and grow big time.
  5. Become accountable to the group for accomplishing mini achievements throughout the ten-week course – as well as an option for free follow up Alumnae meetings.
  6. Learn about a few other ‘free’ resources that are available in our great city that are relevant and accessible to you.
  7. Make it possible for others to have the same powerful experience without paying a cent – and certainly not spend the thousands of dollars that many feel trapped into paying.
  8. Learn a lot about tips that really allow you to be empowered to making real positive changes.

The course book is available for purchase online and in class. Reference copies will be available on-site too.

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