Empowering the global community of ADHD adults with genuine compassion and connection through peer-led online support groups and practical courses.

Since 1995, thousands of people have joined the Toronto Adult ADHD Support Group seeking help to manage and overcome related challenges. As peers with ADHD, we feel that unique individuals need to be considered valuable members of society, provided the flexibility and environment to determine capability, and the knowledge to succeed. The encouragement of spirit, creativity and resilience, and accountability to peers preferred over precise DSM-5 measures of behaviours inhibiting learning and development. Nonetheless, the promotion of a long-term treatment for a lifelong disorder clearly remain elusive. 

The severe lack of accessible, free and affordable ADHD supports undoubtedly contributing to the staggering socioeconomic cost of unaddressed and misdiagnosed ADHD within Canada, estimated to run over $20 billion annually. A gross injustice that places the rich and insured at the front of the line leaving individuals and families unable to afford private clinicians to suffer and wait for essential support. 

In 2019, we were compelled to do more and give evidence-based courses focused on developing the behavioural health and wellness of the adult ADHD community. A dedicated and resolute action at the frontline of adult ADHD peer support. Daring to believe that with a considerate sense of awareness, understanding and increased self-esteem, the people will gain invaluable clarity and strength. 

In 2020, COVID-19 closed the doors of traditional meeting spaces and people stayed home. ADHD Toronto quickly shifted online opening up to the international community. Individuals from Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.S. connecting to support group meetings and courses. ADHD Toronto presenting The Expert Speaker Series for Adults with ADHD. An intimate and interactive experience with the leading experts professionals and advocates of this time. Past speakers include, the presidents of CHADDADDA, ACO,  VP of ADHD Europe; former Chair of CADDRA, founder of CADDAC; Order of Canada recipient Rick Green, and Dr. Edward Hallowell.  The complete list of speakers and bios at https://www.freeadhd.com  . 

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