Get Organized: Manage Relationships, ADHD & Women

ADHD – Get Organized: Manage Relationships, ADHD & Women

By Suzanne Byrd
Narrator Nikki Delgado
1 hour 56 minutes

Suzanne Byrd knows ADHD. A Life Coach in London, UK, dedicated to the support of ADHD individuals and their families. She understands how and why the three types of ADHD — Inattentive, Hyperactive-impulsive, and Combined — affect our minds. The paradoxical tendencies leading to the good, the bad, and the ugly situations we repeatedly place ourselves.

ADHD is the greatest undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and the least treated “disorder” of our time. The resulting comorbidity that arise against us coming at a striking and devastating cost to the socio-economic base of every nation. Nonetheless, we are provided for with the intrinsic tools to manifest an enjoyable life naturally. When we identify the specific areas of suffering, the activation of a positive and proactive self-care plan will serve to benefit us exponentially.

The wealth of Suzanne Byrd’s approach to providing solutions for ADHD are instantly available in a series of short books. Knowing absolutely, we encounter difficulty daily; each book is succinctly categorised to address the primary reasons people contact her for support and direction. The audiobook edition of ADHD: Get Organised; Manage Relationships; ADHD & Women sent to me for review.

Narrated over 1 hour and 56 minutes by Nikki Delgado; the book is ideal for the newly diagnosed woman endeavouring to determine and recognize the source of the feelings, emotions, actions, and reactions that led to her diagnosis. Consider this an aggregate of crucial information necessary to comprehend ADHD. The appropriate, insightful advice and tips helping to inform woman with the signifiers to watch for and the modest steps to organise their lives, relationship and partnership.

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