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Self-realisation is the journey to meet your true self – The ability to achieve your potential through increased focus, awareness and confidence. Invariably, addressing challenges and getting rid of anger. Learning to interpret our own emotions and behaviours effectively communicates and reinforces our connection to the relevant people in our lives.

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Expert Speaker Series

ADHD Toronto is proud sponsor of the interactive and engaging Expert Speaker Series for Adults with ADHD.

ADHD Behaviours

How many days, months or years have you thought about taking action for your ADHD behaviours? 

Our Support Courses

It's our goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we'll work together to achieve your goals
  • Toronto Wayne's Accountability-Keys Study

    A welcoming and validating sense of belonging. The study for ADDers seeking community and connection. The small group goes through the ADD Stole My Car Keys book in a structured empowering, and effective manner.

  • The Compassion Course

    A deep, introspective study addressing negative thoughts, overwhelming feelings and direct actions typically resulting from shameful abuse, neglect and abandonment as a child.

  • WRAP

    A self-designed prevention and wellness process that anyone can use to get well and make their life they way they want it to be.

Our Team

Harris Rosen


Harris Rosen is a certified Coach (UC Davis). He empowers ADHD adults to meaningful progress with his dynamic self-care action plans. Through identifying unhealthy habits, negative beliefs, and anxious feelings and advancing confidence, enhancing self-efficacy.

Wayne G. O’Brien is the leader of the Toronto Adult ADHD Support Group (TAASG), now in its 26th year with over two thousand members.

Tools and Resources

Thousands of people get happy

The Adult ADHD Solution

Harris Rosen

Here’s what you need to do to reclaim your identity and start today. Fortunately, there are simple solutions. 


Video Knowledge Base

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ADHD science and inspiration. Mindfulness, Anxiety, Exercise and Accountability. How to break the habit of excessive thinking, and more. 


what happy participants say
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I want to say thank you for all your support and for building this group that helped me to become enough confident to talk about this topic in my community. I am so happy. As I told about this support group to the audience, they are all looking for building such a group in our community.  I truly appreciate all your help and support through these weeks. Still, I can't believe that I am putting steps forward to make my long-term goal happen. 🙂
Masters Student
Toronto Adult ADHD Support Group:
the largest ADHD group on the meetup platform

Free and Open to the International Adult ADHD Community

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