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Adult ADHD support and special presentations. 

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ADHD Toronto is proud sponsor of the interactive and engaging Expert Speaker Series for Adults with ADHD.

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Join thousands of other global ADHD adults in the largest ADHD support group on the Meetup platform. ​

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Get the knowledge, motivation, and fair Adult ADHD help you need—a welcoming sense of inclusion, encouragement and validation.

Keys to ADHD

Check-in, read and share challenges and tips with Toronto Wayne and a small online support group of ADHD adults.

The Compassion Course

The Compassion Course is where you become your own loving parent, focus on yourself and find your true identity.


WRAP workshop participants will learn how to develop a personalised system to achieve wellness goals.


Partnered Accountability
Resources and Tools

Gain a higher level of self-awareness, increased motivation, and acceptance of ADHD in eight weeks. Use the knowledge and resources to feel better and activate your transformation. Get to know a small group of other ADHD adults and maintain positive change with the support of an Adult ADHD accountability partner.

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About Wayne G. O'Brien
Co-founder and Lead Facilitator

Wayne G. O’Brien is the leader of the Toronto Adult ADHD Support Group (TAASG). Now in its 26th year. Besides, the leading ADHD support group on the Meetup platform. 

I n I

About Harris Rosen

Harris Rosen is the Co-founder of ADHD Toronto. Weary of suffering the effects of Adult ADHD, he changed his reality through self-awareness, education, exercise and diet, and meditation. A certified Coach (UC Davis), his dynamic self-care action plans empower ADHD adults to meaningful progress. Essentially, advancing confidence and self-motivation.

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