Through a foundation of peer led support group, courses and meetings, ADHD Toronto engages, educates, and empowers Adult ADHD individuals to live a better experience.

Do you find it difficult to start simple tasks?
Is sitting still to focus on work, read a book, or watch a movie futile?
Do you appear to others as a daydreamer?
Do you bite the hand that feeds you and say things that upset others?
Do peers look at you with disdain and disgust?
Are you sick and tired of turning people off and being made the scapegoat?
Did you receive the wrong diagnosis?
Are you a new immigrant, or did you recently relocate to Toronto and are unable to navigate the health system?
Did a health care provider decline to treat you based on your inability to pay for the service?
Did you pay a private clinic thousands of dollars for a treatment plan and do not feel better?
How many hours, days, months, and years have you thought about taking action?

80% of Adult ADHD is Unrecognised and Untreated or Misdiagnosed

The ability to maintain wellness is vital to your way of life. It is your duty to self to discover, learn, develop and practice daily the internal techniques necessary to enjoy a healthy existence. 

Join Your Peers and Learn How to Accomplish Your Goals

You may know what to do; however, you won’t do it.






  • Join peers in your community to learn why and how ADHD traits and symptoms affect your daily life.

  • Study the essence of the most important person in the world – YOURSELF.

  • Create a personalised wellness recovery action plan. 

Pursue Your Passion

Level-One Courses

Upon completion of all three Level-One courses, you may begin to register in Level Two courses.

Level-Two Courses Coming Soon

To book a free Level-Two course, you must complete all three Level-One courses.

Participant Appreciation for the Courses and Meetings

I benefited considerably by being in Wayne's groups for WRAP & Emotional Wellness.  My life is a lot better today as a result - and I know that the best is yet to come, thanks in part to registering for three more courses.  Wayne has helped out hundreds in just the last year.

Garner Pridmore
Garner PridmoreDirector, Jaguar Car Association

I am amazed as to the impact that Wayne is having in empowering individuals toward getting unstuck and empowering them toward the greatness.

Niko Sofianos
Niko SofianosFitness Trainer, Founder of Fit Hop

Wayne's Accountability-KEYS course was phenomenal.  I've never been so validated and empowered in a course as I was in his course.  I very much look forward to taking the next course for more support.

Neil Bowie
Neil BowieEntrepreneur

I greatly benefited by the WRAP - and forever grateful for Wayne's skillful ability to engage, inspire, empower and provide.  Everyone should take this course - the world would be a much better place. I conduct the WRAP knowledge with my personal practice and my clients benefit significantly from it.

P. Cagdas
Polat Cagdas Clinical Psychologist (Poland)

Over the past year, it’s become clear how my life is improving. I can say that one element that has contributed to this has been my taking The Compassion course, twice.  Attending regularly and seriously doing the work has made my life measurably better! It is fascinating to learn things about the person you think you know best - yourself.

Richard S.

Richard S.
Richard S.

I am so grateful to have discovered this course at Seeds of Hope.  It gave me considerably more hope and allowed me to reach new levels of growth.  I look forward to Co-Faciliting a Coaching Course with Wayne.

Betty Franklin
Betty FranklinAuthor, RN, Coach, Facilitator
I completed two of the courses - Emotional Wellness & the Accountabiltiy-Keys course.  I highly recommend these courses to anyone that want to enrich their lives.  The meetings are entertaining and I always leave empowered.  Thanks Wayne!!
Anne Corcoran
Anne Corcoran

Wayne O'Brien, Lead Facilitator

Wayne G. O’Brien is Co-Founder of ADHD Toronto.  He is a certified Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator who specialises in Mental Health Recovery and is committed to helping others activate the 5 Key Concepts of Recovery. His empowering ADHD and Wellness Recovery courses have supported hundreds of individuals with Adult ADHD.

Upcoming Courses & Meetings


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