ABC’s of Being Present

What are Your Options at This Moment? 

Recognise that anything you are feeling is an element of the life of being human. Be considerate and compassionate to yourself.


Awareness, Acceptance, Allowing

Allow yourself to recognise and be with things at the moment, without questioning anything. It is solely your experience presently. Release yourself to be open to all elements of who you are and include the pieces that you wish were different than they are.


Breath, Body, Being

Find the breath and take a few, more extended than regular breaths. Let the breath be your partner, your friend.

Mark what you can feel in the body at this moment. Observe if you can let go of thinking of your experience and why it is happening the way it is. Perpetually go back to what you can feel in your body now.

If you are mindful of the pain in the body, induce the muscles to soften and relax around it. Breathe into the space of extreme sensation and visualise the tension evaporating and clearing with the out breath.


Curiosity, Compassion, Choice, Change

Be inquisitive about the flow of energy inside the body, especially in areas of intense sensation. Follow the wave of energy as it moves and changes.

All emotions express themselves in the body. Read the patterns in your body generated by these passing mind states. Question, “Where do I sense this? Does this hold a shape? Colour? Temperature?”