Here Are Some FAQs:

We are ADHD adults just like you who have suffered similar challenges. Dedicated and committed to sharing and helping you learn and activate the simple, practised methods to experience a more enjoyable life with Adult ADHD.
Through small-group study and courses, unique presentations and support group meetings, we help you experience a more enjoyable life with ADHD. Explain simple, evidence-based practices to overcome challenges and show accessible and affordable resources and options to succeed and maintain. Encouraging you to build lifestyle changes for Time Management, Organisation, Wellness Habits, Relationships, Motivation, and boost Self-Worth.
The medical model is exclusionary. Countless individuals unable to afford the high cost of private care are suffering. Accessible and affordable support is crucial for others to achieve, succeed, and save lives.
There are no solutions or shortcuts exclusive to private care that enable a better life with Adult ADHD. Beyond initial diagnosis and prescription renewal, there is no basis for you to become accountable to a medical professional or pay thousands of dollars for a plan.
Course participants love the welcoming sense of inclusivity, encouragement and validation. They were discussing challenges and solutions with other ADHD adults. Unquestionably the considerable benefits of an ADHD accountability partner.
Let’s put this into perspective. You know something is off and you are not happy. The sessions will give you a new perception, knowing the source of your behaviours—the support and tools to reframe thoughts and focus on what matters. There’s no homework and a weekly review PDF with links to dozens of resources.
First-hand, though waiting may keep us safe, it’s also keeping us stuck. Chances are, the same behaviours will always repeat themselves. Help yourself to face overwhelm and stop losing time. Meet other ADHD adults in a nonjudgmental setting.
Undoubtedly, the proven high-value results irrespective of the low cost. The chance to learn about yourself with a genuinely caring small group of ADHD adults seeking the same. The shared practical strategies proved to work for Adult ADHD. The opportunity to set and achieve goals with the support of an ADHD accountability partner who knows the struggle and the self-awareness to maintain positive change.
We know first-hand that it’s not easy to come and face a two-hour commitment—the sessions interactive and engaging by design. Our dynamic approach shifts to meet and address the areas participants explicitly want to improve. The unique discussion topics are selected by-poll weekly. There are breakout groups and partnered accountability sessions to ensure you stay on point.
Now is an exciting time to feel a positive change with increased self-awareness and renewed self-confidence. Sadly, ADHD does not disappear as we age. Procrastination and delay of the inevitable serve to hurt us. Our challenges continue to show when we’re forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty years old. Don’t worry. Support is a massive part of the program. That’s why we’re here and why you need to participate too.
We’re on the Zoom platform with a simple, one-click entry from anywhere. We will see you on the inside, and we can’t wait!